Midtown Madness 2 for Windows 8

Q: What is this?
A: This is a version of Midtown Madness 2 (MM2) for running in Windows 8 smoothly.

1.        Faster speed with Win8+
2.        Compatible with AR Madness 2. (That means you may use Stop Reporter in MM2+Win8 environment)

System Requirements:
1.        Windows 8+
2.        New display card, which should support at least OpenGL 2.0 (best with 4.0+)
3.        DirectX capable card
4.        AIO Runtimes for all dependencies.
5.        Installed up-to-date Display Card drivers.

1.        Install AIO Runtimes, available from http://www.sereby.org/site/aio (OR http://www.azofreeware.com/2012/08/all-in-one-runtimes-174136-microsoft.html)

2.        Extract the package and run the program in svcpack
Known Issues:
1.        Pedestrian will disappear while escaping from vehicle.
2.        Graphics Glitches may occur in some places.
3.        Using software rendering would show nothing.
4.        Unexpected Crash on Settings / Exit.
5.        nVidia Display Card users may come up with serious graphics glitches.


 (especially for Hong Kong users who wished to simulate the bus stop reporters)
Tutorial on How to use AR Madness AND MM2 (EVERYTIME MUST REPEAT THESE STEPS):

1.        Locate the Midtown2.exe (in MM2 for Win8)
2.        Select 「設定」 from 「檔案』.
3.        Tab to 「選項」.
4.        Select 「安全模式」 from 「參數」.
5.        Select 「執行 MM2」 from 「檔案』.
6.        Then you are in MM2.
7.        Go to options, graphics page. Select Hardware or Hardware T&L, choose the best resolution. Click Done.
8.        Select car, but you may see car is not shown up. Don’t worry, click go drive.
9.        See your ARM screen and your CAR?
10.        DRIVE responsibly.


(For normal users) If you are not going to use AR Madness,
1.        Simply start Midtown2.exe
2.        Go to options, graphics page. Select Hardware or Hardware T&L, choose the best resolution. Click Done.
3.        Do it as what you would as usual.


Checksum information --------------------------- Name: mm28.7z Size: 351144882 bytes (334 MB) CRC32: A35F80B9 CRC64: 1D571B6B4E371D67 SHA256: D77F3A7438A21C489AED5118164AEC1F5229696F1B4F8325880A94B272EEE866 SHA1: A86A0C189A9259057DA6F9D24627E2FEE2476E95



(2016-02-14: Updated download link)



  1. This version of MM2 may not be compatible with all Win8 machines, please post your results and I may follow up if you have any problems.
  2. Planning to release a new tutorial/discussion on running MM2 smoothly on newer versions of Windows (2016)



請使用翻譯工具如Google Translate幫忙。

後記: 同步發放於HKBFS、HKTF..

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  1. 無法開啓,顯示MM2 requires DiretX 7 or later to run

  2. Link can’t open?

  3. Good version,thank you!

  4. Link not working, please fix.

    • Hello PZ8904,

      thanks for leaving feedback on our site.
      However, as I tested from our side today, the link should be working.
      Could you give us more details regarding the issue?

      Meanwhile, we are not actively maintaining “MM2 for Win8” this software.
      You could still try searching ‘WineD3D’ or ‘dgVoodoo 2’ on the web, these are the alternatives to the ‘MM2 for Win8’ above.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks.